The Artist

You know what has been the most rewarding part of our journey? Aside from getting to work and collaborate with tremendously brilliant creators, we have been lucky enough to learn the various ways in which these artists hone their talents and craft their work. From jewellery makers to handmade blouse– we are still uncovering so much talent that are manifesting into shops on our site 😛

And so, with great satisfaction – we would like to share with you our latest project focusing on the craft of one of our artists, Misbah from Art By Misbah.

Sun kissed glow


Have you ever wanted that Californian je ne sais quois skin glow? Nila Haran, from Beauty By Nila tells us how she achieved this look on model Thanuska during our spring editorial.

Glowing skin is the most coveted look of the spring season and I had so much fun creating this look on our model. Spring is about finally shedding all the layers we wear during winter, and finally letting the sun kiss our skin. Here’s my step-by-step breakdown of this look.

IG POST_ck_no line

I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR!!!……well, sort of.

I don’t know about you, but I love wearing out my clothes…like a lot.

BUT, sometimes I am clueless about how to style it, so it just sits in the closet and I keep complaining that I have nothing to wear.


Peach Bellinis

In honor of our newest seller, ‘The Peach Project by Ayesha’, here is a delicious peach Bellini.

I mean, it is Friday after all 😉

Here’s the full recipe for this Bellini from Sweet Peas & Saffron

Cats like the skirt drape

I can a skirt drape plz?

Hmmm…the cats seem to dig it.

Want to rock it yourself? Check out our tutorial on a variation of this below:

Cats not included 😛


Launching…The Drape

Welcome to The Drape, Little Black Sari’s new blog!

Stay tuned for upcoming posts.