You know what has been the most rewarding part of our journey? Aside from getting to work and collaborate with tremendously brilliant creators, we have been lucky enough to learn the various ways in which these artists hone their talents and craft their work. From jewellery makers to handmade blouse– we are still uncovering so much talent that are manifesting into shops on our site 😛

And so, with great satisfaction – we would like to share with you our latest project focusing on the craft of one of our artists, Misbah from Art By Misbah.

Misbah is an artist – a jewellery artist. She sculpts, fires, glazes and paints all her pieces by hand. No one piece is alike as they are unique and specially hand crafted with you in mind.

Often, as a consumer it is hard to draw connections to the products that we buy whether it be in understanding how it is made, it’s source, the time it took from start to finish etc. That being said, with this era’s prominence of ‘Fast fashion’- its not unreasonable that we give this an afterthought. Things come fast and cheap.

In an effort to take a moment to appreciate and showcase the time, work and sheer talent needed to create pieces like Misbah’s, we decided to create “the Artist”. We hope you’ll enjoy and appreciate our ode to the makers!

These intricate, dangling beauties are Misbah’s Sophia Rose earrings. Hand sculpted porcelain roses, beadwork, painted intricately with 22k gold. The bells are accented with sparkling crystals and cascades of gold chain with genuine pearl and crystal drops dance in the light.